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American Football-Themed Casino Slots

American Football-Themed Casino Slots

For those who are passionate about football, especially American football, there are some casino slots that will transport you guaranteed in this special world of football. Are you ready for action? Now is the time to discover a new casino slot (and maybe a new sport) that will delight you with stories and various symbols from the history of American football. In addition, these casino gamescan be played anytime on your mobile phone, wherever you are. There are several online slot games that offer you big winnings, unique experiences and special moments, full of suspense. If you do not have time to play a football match with the boys, then you can try a casino slot directly from your mobile phone. Here we present the most popular online slots inspired by American football, including Fruit Bowl XXV, $ 5 Million Touchdown and Pigskin Payout.

A fruitful football match with Fruit Bowl XXV

A captivating casino slot with special symbols is Fruit Bowl XXV, inspired by American football. In the game you will discover that fruits such as grapes, bananas, pineapples and strawberries are actually football players. It is a special detail that makes the game much more fun. Plums are cheerleaders, and cherries are the spectators. All these fruits match perfectly with summer. Also in Fruit Bowl XXV you will discover a stadium, various trophies, tickets, soccer balls – what you would expect from casino slots inspired by the world of football. The bonus round of the slot is very interesting and is called Fruit Bowl. Depending on how good you are at avoiding other players, you will receive more free spins and multipliers. The coolest part? Fruit Bowl XXV has two progressive Jackpots!

Earn millions of dollars with the $ 5 Million Touchdown

Another casino slot worth mentioning is the $ 5 Million Touchdown, which can be played at most online and mobile casinos. In addition, it is one of the casino slots that offers the biggest prizes. If you get 5 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels at casino slots, and if you bet on Max Bet and the maximum number of paylines, then you can win $ 5 million – you’ve probably already caught the name of the game. The top jackpot is fixed and you can win it if 5 Wild Player symbols appear on your reels. The other winning symbols you can find on the reels are inspired by American football. Some of these are various football moves, while others include cheerleading, soccer balls. The game also has a bonus feature, which will appear on a second screen. There you can choose from a number of football players, and depending on your choice, you will receive various bonus prizes, some better than others. You will discover for yourself which one.

Enter the stadium with the Pigskin Payout casino slot

The last game on our list is the Pigskin Payout casino slot. The reels in this online slot are in the form of a scoreboard and have a football stadium in the background. Once again, the symbols are inspired by American football. You will meet a stadium, cheerleaders, spectators, football players, beer or french fries. If you win, you will have two quality audio visual animations. The Scatter Stadion symbol brings you up to 25 free spins and can increase your winnings up to 3 times. There is also a bonus feature, Jackpot Cannot Lose, which gives you huge prizes. During the basic game, the Majorette symbol doubles your winnings if you make a combination of five Wild symbols. Discover the coolest mobile casino slots in the world of football!

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